Black is the new red

Although this OG¬†method is still going strong,¬†a¬†whole new wave of style ‚Äúbloggers‚Ä̬†are¬†upsetting the system by¬†ditching¬†the website entirely and focusing¬†solely on social media.¬†Not to be confused with DJs, models, fashion¬†editors, or It Girls (who occupy an entirely¬†separate sphere of Insta-fame), they¬†have built their numbers¬†gradually and¬†from the ground up.¬†Thanks to their¬†unique¬†aesthetics, and that¬†je ne sais quoi quality¬†that makes thousands of people click “follow,” they represent a new kind of¬†grassroots celebrity-making movement that is proving to have just as much value as traditional web publishing.

Unlike most bloggers, who start their sites as a way to¬†post daily outfits, these girls’¬†massive¬†followings didn‚Äôt originate from¬†#OOTDs. L.A.-based Instagrammer Whitney Cox of¬†@whitneybearr¬†remembers:¬†‚ÄúOriginally, I wasn’t posting style pictures ‚ÄĒ¬†it was just pictures of my cat and selfies with my friends. But, I started posting pictures of¬†my daily outfits, and friends and colleagues really liked what I was doing, so I’ve been doing it ever since.‚ÄĚ Today, Cox‚Äôs account boasts more than 24,000¬†followers, all of whom¬†obsess over her ’90s-inspired West Coast style.

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